About me

Hi everyone, happy to introduce myself! I am Sanne, 37 years old and I live in the Netherlands. In 2007 I graduated at the Fashion Design Academy in Rotterdam and in 2011 I graduated at the Graphic Design Academy. In my free time I love travelling the world, having a good time at concerts & festivals, spending time and making beautiful memories with my friends. I love to say I am a ‘ambassador’ for raising awareness around mental health issues, it’s so important to me. I also love to run, go to the gym and ofcourse being a creative Rebel Heart, creating artwork, bags & more!

Now let’s over to the real subject; Madonna! Seeing the videoclip for ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’ on television when I was just 10 years old was my introduction to Madonna. A couple of years later I heard ‘The power of goodbye’ and the rest is history. I started to collect everything about her and before I knew it, I had a Madonna-complex! 😉 I’ve had the absolute pleasure and luck of seeing her live on her world tours since the Drowned World Tour and several other (promotional) events. I feel so grateful for those moments!

I you have any questions or would like to get in contact, please drop a note at contact@madonnalove.net