Kim: What can I say? I met the *Love of my life* because of Madonna! You mean the world to me 'You're the best thing ever happened to me'. I 
thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your unconditional love, support, understanding. 
Our amazing Madonna adventures, they would never have been the same without you! 

Sofia: Thanks for being such an AMAZING help & always being here for me. You have helped , and still are helping me, so much with my collection! I couldn’t have done this without you! Your support, love, courage and care is something I treassure. I couldn’t thank you enough in a thousand words. You know who you are, what you mean to me, thanks for everything!!! You never stopped believing in me and my dreams. ”Even if you're miles away, I'm by your side..." Love ya girl!

Ann: Girl, thank you sooooooooooooo much for all your help and your amazing friendship through the years, my collection wouldn't be the same
without you. Keep up the good work with your Alyssa and Pink websites, they rock!

Diana: My Madonna-twinnie!! Thank you for your amazing Madonna-twinnie-friendship, we've shared the most special and unique Madonna events together and you're simply an amazing friend to have!
Ingrid: You're such a wonderful woman and I feel blessed I got to know you during our amazing MDNA-adventure. We sure became super-Madonna-buddies and I can't wait untill our next Madonna-adventure together!

Petra: Thank you so much for helping me with my website!!! You’re the one who made this possible for me, I couldn’t have done this on my own.
Thanks for spending all these hours with me, learning me how to build my own website,
 you’re amazing
. Thanks so much!

Traders: I want to thank all my friends & traders all over the world for helping me with my Madonna collection. and their beautiful friendships: Nick from the USA, Ece from Turkey, German from Spain, Peggy from Belgium, Bianca from Germany, Joanna from Poland, Andrey from Russia, Tsenko from Bulgaria, Melanie from Austria, Tomoko from Japan, Yolanda, Priscilla & Daniela from Holland and everyone else I forgot: THANK YOU!!!

Marja, Andrea & Vincent: Thanks for being my Madonnabuddies! ;-) I really enjoyed the Madonna concerts we were able to share together and hopefully many 
more to follow! You guys are 
amazing friends, love ya!

Fabienne: Thank you for your help with my collection. Thank you for many of the French magazine covers and special magazines that are on my
website. The material you've sent me over the years is beautiful, an amazing addition to my collection. 
I'll be grateful forever.

MadonnaNed: Thank you MadonnaNed, it has been the place where I spent many hours since I was a Madonna fan, I've been there since the very 
beginning to share my thoughts and 
love for Madonna with other fans. I've met some really sweet and amazing friends through Madonna and her amazing shows wouldn't be the same without seeing you all! Thanks for all the fun and for sharing the love for Madonna.

Mclubbers: Paulo, Rita, Lakis, Kristy, Mey, Barb, Ron, Amy, Nico....You know who you are!! Thanks so much for everything on Madonna and
spreading so much joy! 
You’re all amazing!!

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