Here you can find the history of my website. I've been looking and searching for many ways to finalize the dream of making my dedication site for Madonna. It wasn't untill summer 2006 when my dear friend Petra, learned me how to make my own website. Here you can find screenshots of how the site has changed in the past and will be changing in the future.


The site has gone through some changes. I decided to delete some sections and add some new ones. I had a picture gallery when I just started out, but decided to delete it as there are already SOOO many picture websites on the internet with thousands of picture on our queen.


Just before I attended Madonna's Confessions tour in Europe 2006, I made a page about the tour merchandise that was available at the shows. I thought I'd be helpful to myself and other fans to decide what amazing items to add to your collection.


After learning more about making my website and it's lay out, I decided to give my website a make-over in 2007. I made some new banners and changed the colour of the lay out. I made a lot of changes in the complete lay out. I've also made some changes in the news section. Instead of posting Madonna-News, I decided to make the news section only about my personal updates and my collection updates. I simply didn't have the time to keep up with all the news like many other amazing news sites do. So instead of 'all around' news, I made it about my love for Madonna and my collection only, the reason why I started with this website in the first place.


To celebrate the release for Hard Candy in 2008 I decided to change the complete look of my layout again. I used the Hard Candy theme for the layout. I changed my homepage, as well as some other pages. I also made a new section where you can see photos I took over the years in my Madonna-room. Go here to see the page with photos.


Soon I'd celebrate Madonnalove's 4th birthday in the summer of 2010, August, I wanted to make something special for it to celebrate my love for Madonna through my website. So I decided to give my website a complete make-over to celebrate it's 4th Birthday! *Happy Birthday* MadonnaLove, I hope you all enjoy this website as much as I enjoy working on it :-)


To celebrate MadonnaLove's 5th birthday, I decided to make a new layout with a new kind of software. Here you can see the new lay out that I released to celebrate MadonnaLove's 5th birthday with. It looked amazing and so creative, loved it! But unfortunately soon I discovered some technical problems with it and I wasn't able to update my newspage as soon I would love to. So I decided to go back to the old software again and launch it with a complete new and edgy look, the way it is now.


The new software I used for the website design above was a litte bit too complicated and so I changed back to the old one. After attending several MDNA tour shows I used some of my personal photos to design a black&white banner, I designed a new logo and a complete new lay out for the menu and pages.


Being very satisfied with the lay out, I only made a few small changes in the next years to come. I created a new logo with the Sticky & Sweet illustration that I made. Adjusted a few colors and made some changes to the banner.

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